Friday, February 23, 2007

Painting Coffee Cups

I've got an uncontrollable addiction to coffee. Many people poke fun at me because it's rare to see me without my coffee cup in hand. So I started thinking. Maybe I could paint some coffee cups to give myself a personalized "fix" everyday. Even better, I could have Nathen paint one for me so I could carry his art with me! So I picked up a small set of ceramic paints and let him loose on a blank coffee cup. I captured him with my cell phone's camera so that I could share it here. (Eventually, I'll get my camera fixed or of these days.)

I'm not sure who enjoyed the process more. I loved to watch him as he focused intently on what color he would use next. And when nearly every white space on the cup had been filled in, he handed me his brush and proudly proclaimed that he was finished.

And while we're on the subject of coffee, I found an adorable collage on DeviantArt entitled "Coffee Is My Heaven". I just thought I'd link to it so others could see. The artist, who goes by the handle n-m-rotten, did a fantastic job!

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