Thursday, March 1, 2007

Surprised With My New Moleskine

I've been stricken with some sort of cold or flu virus today. So, with the exception of going to work, I've barely gotten out of bed. When I passed the kitchen table earlier to make myself a hot cup of tea, I noticed a package laying there. I could tell by the size and shape that it must've been my new Moleskine. I have to say that , after ripping open the package, I was a little shocked by the size. I figured that it would be a little bigger...but I can say that the size doesn't bother me at all. In fact, I like the idea of it being more portable.

Anyway. I decided to begin my first page with the calendar squares I've heard about...mostly because today is the first of the month...a fresh start! And because today was a dreary (and a little frustrating) day, I filled the first square with splashes of gray paint and little rain drops.

In other news, I nearly forgot to check my e-mail for the instructions on this month's Creative Mom Podcast ATC Exchange. The theme is "A Space of One's Own." Hmmm...

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