Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Ordered a Moleskine

So I broke down and ordered one of the infamous Moleskines I've been hearing so much about. I got a large sketch book, to be more specific. I should be receiving it within the next few days and I can't wait to start filling the pages! :D


Sunday, February 25, 2007

Sudden Collage Inspiration

In last Friday's entry, I mentioned a really nice collage that I found on DeviantArt. Well, I suddenly came up with an idea for one today. I'll tell you how it happened...

I was in the kitchen trying to prepare a snack for Nathen. My little Cocker Spaniel, Sweet Pea, was begging at my feet. At that moment, Nathen was whining because I wasn't making his food fast enough. That's when Josh (my hubby) scampered into the kitchen acting up. I declared out loud and without much thought, "This is like my three-ring circus!" (I'm sure many mothers know exactly what I mean by that.) And so, the concept for my next project was born.

I'm not sure exactly how it will look, but I don't care. I'll just let it “happen” as I work. I do know that I'd like to make it a triptych. I'm sure it'll be a comical conversation piece if I end up hanging it on my living room wall. I'll keep everyone posted on how it's going.


Friday, February 23, 2007

Self Portrait

I've been on a major sketching kick lately. This is just a quick self-portrait that I completed earlier. I think I may add some watercolor to it in the future, but there's no rush.


Painting Coffee Cups

I've got an uncontrollable addiction to coffee. Many people poke fun at me because it's rare to see me without my coffee cup in hand. So I started thinking. Maybe I could paint some coffee cups to give myself a personalized "fix" everyday. Even better, I could have Nathen paint one for me so I could carry his art with me! So I picked up a small set of ceramic paints and let him loose on a blank coffee cup. I captured him with my cell phone's camera so that I could share it here. (Eventually, I'll get my camera fixed or of these days.)

I'm not sure who enjoyed the process more. I loved to watch him as he focused intently on what color he would use next. And when nearly every white space on the cup had been filled in, he handed me his brush and proudly proclaimed that he was finished.

And while we're on the subject of coffee, I found an adorable collage on DeviantArt entitled "Coffee Is My Heaven". I just thought I'd link to it so others could see. The artist, who goes by the handle n-m-rotten, did a fantastic job!

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Thursday, February 22, 2007

A New Beginning

So I've started this blog to chronicle my creative pursuits. Lately, I've experienced a huge surge in my artistic urges and I have to give thanks to Amy of the Creative Mom Podcast for sparking it. Her weekly podcast is truly brilliant and I recommend it to anyone - even those who aren't moms. She talks about everything from knitting to collaging to painting and peppers it with great music and personal stories about her and her children's creative activities. As I'm writing this, I'm in the process of trying to catch up on every single episode I have missed. It started back in June of last year and I only just discovered it in the beginning of January.

Anyway. I've created quite a few things of my own lately. Just today, I completed a quick sketch and tested out my new set of watercolor pencils. The sketch is of a fragrance diffuser and a candle that I noticed at work today. I'm really not sure what made me decide to draw it, but it was probably due in large part to the fact that I carried my sketch pad with me for the first time today. I got a few strange looks while I was sitting there sketching during a break. Eventually, a co-worker wondered over to see what I was up to. She smiled when her eyes fell on the page and asked me why I was working there instead of selling my art somewhere. In all honesty, I don't know the answer to that, but I was very flattered.

I'd also noticed another thing at work today...a striking picture of Easter eggs. The colors just leapt out at me and I immediately thought of the new watercolor pencil set I purchased the other night. I knew that, as soon as I got home, this is what I would test them out on. I love the way they turned out! The colors are just so vibrant and cheery. I want to just reach into the painting and pull them out...rolling them around in my hands one by one...soaking up the color.

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